Fight the Repear to not just Live but Thrive

There is a day I remember, when I was in India when I was missing the familiarity of home that I wondered is this what my life is, seeing wonders and cultures but doing it on my own. That was not a good day and it still hasn’t really changed. I walk a great path …

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Another Round of Muay Thai in Pai

So I got back to Pai a few days ago after a month in Malaysia. I flew out on Tuesday to Bangkok then grabbed a night bus to Chiang Mai and then another bus to Pai and I was back by 10:30 am. I’ve trianed at a few places since I left but not for …

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A future sought

I used to think that I needed to be like everyone else. A decade ago I was hunting for work and wasn’t able to have anything stick. That was my fault, I was so focused on the normal I didn’t realize that I had other options. I always focused on where everyone else was with …

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Time to Move Forward

Every day I wonder what story I should write and what should I say. For years I kept to myself to keep myself from being put in a position where people would give a damn. I liked being invisible because it was easy, it made it feeling forgotten easier and made it so I didn’ve …

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Be the Wolf not the Lamb and F*#k the Normal

Everyone is unique and each one of us has our own story. I was never a normal kid and when real life hit me in the face I fucked up continuously and over time that made me feel like I was worthless because I wasn’t like everyone else. When you hit your mid-twenties the pressure …

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Embrace your contradiction to turn the corner

Just because I am weak doesn’t mean I can’t be strong. You have to realize that we each carry the contradiction with us because it’s that interplay between those forces that makes life unpredictable and special. I love the contradiction, the contrast between what we think and how we feel. How different our rational selves …

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With Girls I just have to start trying and believing

It was raining yesterday and me and Pascal we’re at Times Square in Kuala Lumpur waiting for the rain to die down. We were just getting coffee and by then we had probably had this conversation a dozen times in the last 2 weeks but I’m a stubborn bastard and can rationalize almost anything. He …

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Later Kid – You Better come out Swinging and don’t worry I will do the Same

Thanks Pascal for being a brother

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Lots of Acquaintances Few Friends

We are connected to the world and the meaning of friendship not only includes the people we know but who we know on Facebook and a multitude of other channels. What is a friend though? According to the power of Google a friend is: a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, …

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I dug the hole and its time to climb out

So every battle we face leaves scars some that are painfully visible and others that remain hidden from view. I can’t stay where I am because there is no future there just pain and sorry. Do I have to climb out of this deep deep hole by hand? Since it was created by me if …

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