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I was told to run…

Posted by on Jun 30, 2010 in Writing | 0 comments

I was told to run…run and keep on going. That was the earliest lesson I can remember. What am I running from, is it a person, a fear or an idea. I can’t remember, I don’t want to remember. Why is the question I keep on coming back to? That is the one question that can always go deeper. I don’t know who I am, what I can do or what I should be doing.
Do I fear failure? Is that why I run, is that why I am afraid? All I know is that when you run, at some point the tank will be empty and you will have to face that to which you seek to escape. But maybe, just maybe I’m not running away maybe I am running to. We are all running our own race, running through the obstacle course trying to make it to the next hill. The funny thing is that there are the obstacles we don’t control and the ones we do. I think we often get held up by our own fears. It is like what we are running from and running to are not really that different. They are just another segment on the journey.
What happens if I stop running, will my momentum carry me forward or will I end up crashing into a wall? We are all seeking answers; we are all running from something going to somewhere else. We all fall down, many get back up and just as many seek the new way. We live in a world of branching paths that go from one to the infinite. It is so easy to get lost in all of it, I think we all have been there at some point.
Questions are easy to ask but answers are hard to find, they change, move and flow like water. Remember everything depends, on context, on the person and on too many factors to mention. There are answers but the questions that we wish answered the most are often the ones where no single answer exists. We search for answer all our lives, whether we know it or not. The answers we find are often not the end but just a new beginning, leading to new questions.
We lack the knowledge of tomorrow, forget the wisdom of yesterday but we live in the present because that is all we really have. Tomorrow is not assured, one day our tomorrows will end but in that ending I wish to open another door, another question that leads to the next great mystery.
So I started this off by running away, no I am not running from something or running to any kind of finish line. I will run, jump and move for the challenge, growth and joy that it represents. It is about the freedom to succeed, to fall, to get knocked down and to get back up however many times it takes and evolving as we go. That is not the answer but the question that is always there waiting to be answered when really the answer is in journey itself.
The above was just a writing exercise, to think through some things and find a beginning, middle and not an end but a point that makes the journey worthwhile. I know it doesn’t make sense but then again who ever said it needed to.

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Osama Bin Laden himself is a member of #TeamJacob" – That’s just scary!

Posted by on Jun 30, 2010 in Videos | 0 comments

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Why Aren’t Ad Folk Changing the World? – The Big Tent – Advertising Age

Posted by on Jun 30, 2010 in Advertising | 0 comments

Why Aren’t Ad Folk Changing the World?

People Don’t Care About Our Hype; They Care About Our Actions

Posted by Derek Walker on 06.14.10 @ 05:17 PM

Derek Walker
Derek Walker

Yes, your [blank] does stink.

Sometimes we advertising people walk around here talking about how good or great we are, how we are having an impact on the world … how we are making a difference. Like we are the most creative people in the world, like we are setting trends.

Well, guess what? We aren’t.

Outside of the industry and our circle of friends and family, who is paying attention to what we are doing? Not many folks I would wager.

Oh, here comes the chorus of “people notice our work, they compliment us on it all the time” or some version of that. Yeah right…..

Derek Walker is the janitor, secretary and mailroom person for his tiny agency, brown and browner advertising based in Columbia, S.C.

I thought this was a great article about the position agencies find themselves in and what they can be doing better. We should strive to make a difference and do so for the right reasons. I hope more people will take up the challenge he puts out in the article, we would all be better for it.

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Tron Legacy – My Movie Crack

Posted by on Jun 30, 2010 in Hollywood, Movies | 0 comments

I can’t wait for this movie, it came out before I was born but it inspired a generation. I wish it came out during the summer but I can wait. I waited for Star Trek and I will wait for this. As it gets closer the hype will escalate. I can’t wait for the return of the lightcycles.

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Public Works Protection Act was Basically Martial Law during the #G20

Posted by on Jun 29, 2010 in G20, Writing | 0 comments

I don’t know much about the Public Works Protection Act but any law that has the ability to take away our individual rights and freedoms at the whim of the government is something that should scare us all. The above post by the Truth Junkie explains the law.

Think of it this way, during a portion of the G20 your rights were near non-existent. It is possible that upwards to 2.5 million people in Toronto had their rights curtailed during the summit. Can that really be considered reasonable under the charter of rights and freedoms.

The government should not be able to just take away our rights and freedoms by turning a place into a public works area. The implications of this are extensive and scary to say the least. This means at any time just by invoking this act your rights can change by what an area is designated as. Public Works Protection Act needs to be challenged, should be changed and should not be used as a way to circumvent the rights and freedoms of the people.

The Act instituted a form of martial law without using the term because the term itself scares people. I think that if the law is going to be used as it was during the G20 it needs to change to recognize the abuse that can occur when places that were never public works areas are temporarily turned into them.

I hope what comes out of all the craziness are court challenges to this act that takes our rights away. We can do better, we must do better and that has to be the way forward from this.

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