Portfolio Night 8 (The Toronto Edition) is in the Books

Portfolio Night 8 was held around the globe in 39 cities from London, San Paulo to Shanghai on May 20th. In Toronto, Ontario Canada the event was hosted by Y&R and a bevy of sponsors with the global sponsors being Ogilvy, Microsoft Advertising, Corbis and Adobe.

As the night started students and creatives mingled, food was served and drinks flowed as the night got started for one and all. This was the chance for the next generation of creatives to get their best ideas reviewed and nuked with the feedback they need to make them better. Each person would have 15 minutes to talk with a different creative from some of the top agencies in the city and they would see 3 during a 45 minute period.

This was a period where egos were bruised and hopes deflated, some students like Jordana Rabuch a student from Humber College’s copywriting program had been through this ordeal before, portfolio night was a great chance to make new contacts in the industry. She said that the people were laid back and that the website helped her to prepare for what they would be faced with.

She was not the only one who had to prepare for Portfolio Night. Joseph Connolly from Nova Scotia just moved to Toronto and came to Portfolio to get his feet wet, testing the waters meeting people in the same boat and those who could point him in the right direction.

The right direction is different for and everyone and that is Brendan Watson the Director of Educational Resources for ihaveanidea.org knows well. This is his second time organizing the event in Toronto. His experience served him well and made the entire process much smoother than it was his first time out.

Brendan’s in setting up the event knows that you can always use a little more time and if there was one comment I heard many times that night by students it was that. For many it was a chance to get face time with creatives whose work they have learned about in class and get their honest feedback about their work.

Every year ihaveanidea.org and their partners have done Portfolio Night it has grown. Each year it is a reminder that this is what portfolio night 8 the students, to help them take the first step in the creative chaos that is the ad business. Sean Atkinson of Rooster Post Production one of the local sponsors in Toronto said that without a night like Portfolio Night the future’s possibilities wouldn’t shine as bright.

Credit: Portfolio Night

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