Xbox 360 Kinect via Kotaku :)

Now that Kinect has been officially introduced I can say something about the tech and the software. I think that there is so much potential with the combination of camera and voice recognition. It is amazingly slick and the ease of use is very strong. My issue is that the Xbox 360 has been seen as a hardcore gaming device and that the games they have shown so far seem to be me toos done based on Nintendo’s innovations. I think this has so much potential to be amazing but I am not sure if it is enough to take the 360 to the next level. It is hard to change perceptions this year in.

It will be launched in North America on November 4th with 15 launch titles and they have a exclusive agreement with Lucas Arts that will bring content and games to Kinect next year.

The Xbox 360 slim has wi-fi and it will be the same price and it starts shipping to retailers today and in stores next week. (The E3 crowd gets it free and shipped by Microsoft.)

Now how much will Kinect cost???? That is the question I am looking for them to answer?

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