Seeking Wonder (Some thoughts that just poured out)

A photo shows us the reality

A painting shows us the world through the filter of the soul

A sculpture is creativity given physical form

A puzzle is a question seeking an answer

A building is our shelter from the harshness of all that can’t be controlled

A job is what we must do to make it through

A word on the page is how we express, how we explain, how we capture the idea so that tomorrow we can make it real

A mound of dirt lets us know that this planet we live on is a gift

A clock is what allows us to keep track of how truly short our time here really is

A family is why we struggle, why we hurt and why we love

A friend is one who pushes past the edge because they believe

A heart is what makes us feel

A brain is what allows us to take information, turn it into knowledge and through experience then wisdom

A soul is what we hope outlasts the brief existence and will be remembered long after the last star winks out

A look to the sky tells us there is more that we don’t know than what we really do

And the dream makes us want to  know the impossible, the see into the heart of the universe and say we understand

The object, the person, the knowledge are all parts of the idea of why we exist but in the end those are answers we all must seek for ourselves