Create, subjegate, alievate the pain hoping that you can keep away the rain

that is what life tends to be, breaking our backs, going through the boundaries

What lines we cross, what limits we need to break how we fail to anticipate

A limit is not a sometime to hide behind, you must learn to risk it as you try to break the vine

That is what challenge is about, the roadblocks in our way and how we overcome our doubt

If, when, why and how the questions surround us anyhow, it is how we make them our own that determines if we will make it home

Home is to know who you are but be careful not to get to comfortable in that which you seek to mar

Seek to always be a little different every day, to challenge your preconditions along the way

Never accept what people may say and work to the end to keep the boredom at bay

Answers don’t come to those who ask, they just fracture and open more ways past

That is the struggle we carry in the phoenix’s coat, burning to ash as the winds carry what was wrote

So as this ends in the in-between, keep searching for the dream, it may always be out of reach but the journey alone is worth the leap