The Future of Interactive Marketing – Windows Mobile 7 (Written for Ad Buzz Canada)

At Advertising Week Microsoft gave a short demo of Windows Mobile 7, Microsoft gave some really interesting insights into what they wanted to do with their newest mobile OS. Windows Mobile 7 was a chance to start fresh. Mobile is growing 8 times faster than the Internet is. One reason is because your mobile device is with you all the time. Microsoft did a lot of research and found that most people only use 3-5 apps regularly.

What they were going for with the interface was to make it glanceable. By having live tiles so the user knows what is happening at a glance. The people hub shows what is new and what Microsoft really focused was on how advertisers could connect to consumers through Windows Mobile 7. They are offering a new ad unit that is 40×80 over the standard found on most mobile devices so advertisers can connect with their market more effectively.

Against Apple, Google and all the other players it will be interesting to see how consumers react to Microsoft’s newest phone. These phones will have integration with Office and the Xbox platform. Here is the ad done by CP+B for Windows Mobile 7.

Credit for video: windowsphone