TBWA\ Retools it’s Website

Is it just me or do most agency websites seem the same,. The slideshow look to the TBWA really helps to focus the attention on the work but that is pretty standard for all sites, they are clean and simple. I think that the navigation should be better positioned on the right hand side or at the top aligned with the logo just so you always know how to get where.

One thing with these sort of sites is that I have no idea what their personality is like, where is the fun. Even those agency sites that do have personality can they showcase it consistently, that becomes easier with the smaller shops because of size. Maybe it is just me but I like to see little quirks that highlight the personality or culture the agency wants to project. Fundamentally most agencies try to spin the same yarn and the one thing that makes the difference is the culture of the place. That can be seen throughout the work they put out there and too bad most sites for the larger agencies lack the presence of a voice that makes you want to go deeper.

Credit: TBWA