Carmakers’ New Problem Gen Y: Car or No Car?

I can totally understand the shift away from cars. When I was younger a car was seen as giving you freedom but now I see it as a money sink. From gas, to maintenance and insurance unless you absolutely need it I would give a car a pass. I don’t see it as something I need to have anymore and I don’t want one if I can avoid it. I know friends that lived in big cities and they had cars they barely used and I was always like why do you even have a car if you only use it a few times a week. It just didn’t make any sense to me.

Will this change, I think it will when you settle down but I think the time of everyone having a car is in decline. Spending thousands of dollars for a car on top of everything else we have to pay for when in a few years you could use that same money for a house just doesn’t seem like a good deal if you can avoid it.

If you are in a big city a car isn’t a necessity and if you need one you can always rent one or use zipcar or another similar service. I had friends who lived in larger cities that had a car, an apartment and all that jazz and you know what they moved back home for awhile because it was too expensive. One thing I learned that giving up the freedom of a car was well worth the effort because now I know that I don’t need it and I have one less monkey on my back asking me to refill it wish cash every week.

I can totally see that the truth in this article because I live it everyday and I am not feeling to bad about keeping my cash instead of giving to a car company and the gas pump. Hell I would rather use it to go on a great trip abroad any day of the week.!

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