GJP Advertising Becomes Blammo Worldwide

So the Ad Buzz went to see what was for sale at the GJP Advertising fire sale. From ancient notebook computers (3 years old and some way older) to books on advertising, beer, and every subject you can imagine to several of Alan Gee’s own jackets. They had several Mac Pros on the cheap, along with lamps, and your random assortment of office furniture along with their awards cabinet up for sale.

They even had a Giant Pencil and a Lion walk along King Street to spread the word to the masses (although the Lion looked like all he was looking for the yellow brick road). It was all in good fun with all proceeds going to Jake’s House, a charity for autistic children. Marketing Magazine caught up with Alan when the new name Blammo Worldwide was announced at the Thursday evening event which doubled as a silent auction.

The fire sale video garnered international industry press and they thought it would be a great explosive way of starting off this new chapter for the firm. Although Alan said they love the awards that GJP had earned, with the Cannes Lions and the D&AD Pencils on the auction block that evening the rebranding was about looking ahead not about looking back. In the Marketing Mag article Alan Gee said they are about the tomorrow.

With a new name Blammo Worldwide is an empty canvas for which Alan wants to paint the agency’s future. With the fire sale video as of this posting having 7,262 views it generated worldwide attention for the agency. The recent hires of Andrew Simon formerly of DDB Canada and President Matthew Stern off of McCann-Erickson Worldgroup this past September laid the foundation for the shift.

The focus of Blammo Worldwide will be interconnectivity, media ubiquity and immediacy and understanding that consumers expect more than they ever before. So for all those that didn’t get a chance to buy an ANDY or another piece of hardware, we got you covered with some video of the event, with Alan acting as master of the circus in full sales mode.

So here is what I saw as I made the rounds at the GJP Advertising fire sale. So goodbye GJP, may the name live on in people’s memory and welcome Blammo Worldwide, the desks are new (since they sold off much of the old ones) the cards are being sent to the printer and let the race begin anew.

Credit for the information about the change goes to this article titled “GJP Rebrands as BLAMMO Worldwide” by Jeromy Lloyd of Marketing Mag.

(I just corrected some small errors in the post, my sincerest apologies I was writing it at 2am in the morning after all.)