A Pop-Up Book Web Style for JP Morgan Chase

I bet you would not think about a Pop-Up book, you know the ones that you read as a kid and JP Morgan Chase but here it is. Amazing work, beautifully done, and I want to see this one in 3D because it was made for it. The TV spot is titled change. It has been a long road for everyone and hopefully the way forward is bright for everyone. So who do you have to thank for this great work? It was done by mcgarrybowen who has offices in NYC, Chicago and London.

Agency: mcgarrybowen
Executive Creative Director: Gordon Bowen
Creative Director/Art Director: Marta Ibarrondo
Creative Director/Copywriter: Michael Demos
Executive Producer: Celia Williams
Producer: Stacy Edelstein
Executive Music Producers: Jerry Krenach and Jean Scoffield
Account Team: Ari Ben-Caanan, Julie Wood and Aaron Gelbman
Director: Psyop
Production Company: Psyop / Smuggler
Psyop Creative Directors: Alex Hanson and Thibault Debaveye
Executive Producers (Psyop): Lydia Holness, Neysa Horsburgh
Executive Producer/Partner (Smuggler): Patrick Milling Smith
Executive Producer/Partner (Smuggler): Brian Carmody
Executive Producer/COO (Smuggler): Lisa Rich
Executive Producer(Smuggler): Allison Kunzman
Head of Production (Smuggler): Laura Thoel
Producer (Psyop): Eve Strickman
Technical Director (Psyop): Tony Barbieri

Thanks to glossy inc for the heads up.