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All Media is Social: The Social Onslaught Continues

Yesterday, Yahoo! presented, “All Media is Social”, a panel as part of the speaker’s series on integrating social media into the marketing mix. It was moderated by Matthew Ingram of GigaOM and the panelists were Patrick Albano the Sr. Director of Sakes for Yahoo!, Matthew Idema the VP of Yahoo!’s Local Businesses and Country Manager for Canada and Fraser Kelton the CCO of GetGlue.

Yahoo! talked about their crowdsoured writing model for associated content where they can get content from the community which helps them to focus on niche audiences. It is something that they have been building with the Associated Content platform which according to Yahoo! is the largest source of community-created content.

This is how Yahoo! has come to realize that content creation is becoming more social. Yahoo! is leveraging search to recommend crowdsourced topics to their contributors and that the AC platform has more contributors than demand media.

Matthew Idema of Yahoo! said that they are focusing more and more on the local search market and that no matter who you are or what your business is, you need to have a presence.

Fraser of Get Glue explained a bit about how this social network for entertainment works. They take the check-in model developed by location based services like Foursquare and instead of checking into a location you are checking into a show you are watching, a book you are reading or music you are listening to.

You can also like shows and gain rewards for participating like badges from the shows themselves and so on. This is a model they are continuing to experiment with. Get Glue currently has 800,000 members and gets 10 million check-ins a month, a number that continues to grow.

Patrick said that online identity remains fractured, although initiatives like the open graph are allowing your identity everywhere. That fact alone according to Patrick is pushing everyone to be social.

For marketers facebook can market better because it can create a more one to one relationship between a person and a brand and that a like button is becoming more like a subscription model was how Fraser sees it now.

Matthew said that in order to avoid something like check-in fatigue you have to give users value and on this point, Fraser said that finding the right balance of rewards is something they continue to work on. Matt goes on to say that although you can reward people many ways, we are still not quite there yet.

Another trend is gamification and you have to be careful with it because although the human desire to compete is huge not everything is game appropriate. In gaming micro transaction systems are used in social games as a way to enhance the game and speed your individual progress. At this point the panel ended.

This is only a fraction of what was discussed but it was a chance to get some insight of where things are going and what trends to watch out for in this fast moving space and one last final thought is that Patrick Albano loves cupcakes but who doesn’t I know I do.

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