#smwTO – Business 3.0: Strategies and Tactics for Small Biz

The Ad Buzz had the chance to attend a presentation about the future of business last Wednesday and the first hour took a broad look at the status of the Canadian Economy. BMO took a look at how the Canadian situation has fared against the backdrop of the global recession that continues to shadow our neighbours to the south. They showed that the developing world and counties like Canada were able to get through the recession more or less intact and have started growing again.

The next part of the evening involved a panel comprised of Carissa Reiniger, CEO, Silver Lining Limited, Chris O’Neill, Country Director, Google Canada and several others. Instead of my writing about it you can see the entire event on the archive from livestream. The four pervasive trends that Chris sees are in mobile, social, personalization and local. These will act as the main pillars over the next year or so and underpin the basis of innovation online.

is night and day in terms of how we compare to the US. The next section was is where the real action took place. Take a look and skip to the panel which started about half way or 1:15 min through to get some insight into how businesses can take advantage of social media today.

Watch live streaming video from smw_toronto at livestream.com