A Second with Alan Gee on the Blammo Rebrand a few Months In

I had a moment to talk to Alan Gee Partner, Chairman and Juno Award Winner of Blammo Worldwide when he presented at the #fgisocial and asked him about the rebranding. He said during his talk that many agencies were named after people and that over time those were shorted to the point where most don’t even know what they mean. For GJP now Blammo who followed those same trends it was about recognizing that the world had changed and that they wanted to jump in with a clean slate.

Now when they meet a potential client their name itself starts a conversation about who they are and what they do. Alan said in our quick talk that in the lead up to changing the name they wanted to challenge themselves. While there will be many people in the industry that will not understand the change it has forced them to talk about it more and explain who they are to their potential clients. During his talk on social media he said when you said the name it sounds like Disney but when you see the logo it looked more like Prada.

The way I see it is that Blammo Worldwide is not a Canadian advertising agency but an agency that happens to be in Canada. That is why they have worldwide in the name because they are open to projects from everywhere and that boundaries don’t exist in the new global marketplace. It is a recognition that business is as much global as it is local because of technology and that there are opportunities everywhere for those companies who are willing to seek them out.

I wanted to say thanks to the people at #fgisocial for a great event, the people at the Siren Group and Alan Gee for taking a second to provide a bit of insight into the change from GJP to Blammo Worldwide.