When SMS is Just Not a Text #poems

SMS is not just a text
It is also a word u want to invest
S is for social as you would expect in this world of uncanny hollywood rejects

M is for media which is our cultural addiction
We are it’s bitch looking for a benediction
The last S the most vital and of which all this is based
Stands for suck and means that it is always in last place

Who wants to know what your friend is eating
I certainly don’t because time is so fleeting
And If I have to hear from one more expert
Telling social media is the next flirt
I will take him to the town and show him SMS is down

Down to kicking some ass today to get those twitter people out of the way
So shut the F up and if I must hear
I think I will stick this pole up tour rear

So SMS id Theban especially for those that know the command
The word on this road is don’t live on sm
Unless add s to the end
Social media sucks is true sorry tech geeks it just Ain’t that cool