#SocialMedia Crack

5 years ago there was no social media crack
And let alone people to make it not lack
Now Facebook is king and experts spring
They say they know how to make the follow

From status updates to tweets
It is all about new people to meet
With likes and shares
that means annoyances are not rare.

Now we can all broadcast what we eat
But most don’t care and just block the beat
Gurus, experts and others spring
But are they just a random fling

They live in the world of tech
If they didn’t have a cell they would feel as pissed as a glen beck
Now brands are searching for people to get working
To represent their way across the social media way

The experts are addicts to the social media magic
They want to be the influencer type to swagger across the digital pike
So slow down and stop before you go take the plunge and become a social media ho