The Hyundai Accent “When Walls Become Roads” Viral Video

Here is a viral ad that Hyundai did for the Accent that turned walls into highways using augmented reality. What makes this video stand taller than others like it is the fact that they suspended a car on the wall and a driver walks down the wall to get in the car.

Then the scenery changes around the car to give the vehicle the illusion of movement and depth making the scene look almost 3D like. Then at the very end the car drives down the wall with an epic looking light show to send it off with it ending on their tagline, Hyundai, new thinking, new possibilities.  Now this is why we all want to be in this business to do awesome stuff like this which is not something you watch but something that you experience, now watch and enjoy:

I loved this comment on the YouTube video by alexkvaskov “Hyundai meets the Matrix and Tron Legacy!” I thought that was very appropriate for the video.

Shout-out to @Drafted_Boy for letting me know about the ad and credit goes to PSFK for the great post on the ad.