Tham Khai Meng of Ogilvy & Mather on the Creative Process

I saw this video by Tham Khai Meng the Worldwide Creative Director and Chairman of WW Creative Council, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. This video introduces the series create or else to celebrate our sources of inspiration. It is not just for those where creativity is part of the job description but also for those who make a living doing art, or make an art of the living if only inspire the rest of us who may need that extra push to get started.

Tham describes the creative process, the messiness, the chaos and the fear that is a part of the industry we all know and love. One technique he shows in the video is draw boxes on a blank page and has each idea in a box and then empty your head of the ideas and your box quickly becomes a page filled with ideas.

He says that by their very nature a fresh ideas means that you don’t know what you are going to get. The series takes a look at how creative people of all stripes and disciplines do what they do. Listen to what Tham Khai Meng has to say in his own words below:

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