While Shooting A Diet Pepsi Commercial David Beckham’s Shows off his Sick Skills

While shooting on a beach in California for a Diet Pepsi commercial David Beckham shows the entire crew and all of us at home why he is one of the world’s most famous soccer stars.

With a sick aim and great control he hits all three trash cans in a row. You can tell how awesome it is by the reactions of the crew off-screen. Some people will believe it and others will not but I love a good trick shot video. The video was uploaded to YouTube on April 7th, 2011 and in just a week’s time (as of April 13th, 2011) it has amassed 1,750,678 YouTube views along with 6,922 likes, 757 dislikes, 1,362 comments and has been favorited 3,985 times already. Great job to David Beckham for working magic with a few soccer balls.

Credit: Pepsi’s YouTube Channel