The ICA Presents Engagement in The Social Entertainment Age

Nick Parish, Contagious Magazine’s North American Editor will be talking at the Institute of Communication Agencies Engagement in the Social Entertainment Age event on May 10th. He will be talking about what some of the biggest brands are doing to engage consumers in new and creative ways.

Brands are really starting to take advantage of the boom in technology and social media to go beyond the broadcast model of getting the word out there to becoming more community oriented. Whether they are turning their brands into an experience or are engaging on social media Nick will go into the cool ideas he has seen at Contagious.

As a journalist and editor, Nick help to communicate to North American audiences for London-based Contagious. He directs and develops content for their quarterly book, special reports, online and leads their client-based consulting projects.

His focus is on emerging technology innovation, non-traditional marketing and developing business intelligence. The event takes place on May 10th, 2011 from 5pm – 7:30pm and tickets are on sale now here.