The World of Video and Interns: Angle Media Group

Ad Buzz caught up with Athena D’Amato and Jordan Monaghan founders of Angle Media Group,  to discuss the changing world of media. Angle Media Group is a company that helps companies leverage the power of online video and rich media communication.

With an entire generation living in a world of screens that include televisions, computers, mobile devices, tablets and more, it isn’t hard to see why video today is an essential element in any firm’s communication plan.

In our talk a few weeks ago, Athena said that Angle Media is about creating videos, graphics, motion graphics and custom web solutions for clients of all shapes and needs. They help clients get their video online and on the right platform. They have called Research in MotionPorter Airlines and Scotiabank clients, just to name a few.

Scotiabank worked with Angle Media Group about 2 years ago to create training videos for their credit card services. Once the videos were completed, Angle Media helped Scotiabank by creating an online training platform where the videos would live. The platform allowed Scotiabank to streamline the entire training process and provide more flexibility than they had before.

Athena said as entrepreneurs themselves their passion lies with helpings start-ups spread the word about their products and services. They work with the University of Waterloo’s Accelerator Centre to help start-ups, express their business proposition and generate sales through video.

They share this passion on their video blog called Experts Angle through interviews with experts in their respective fields. Angle Media Group’s next step as a business is to build off the foundation they have established, and extend their business with their new web training platform called

Athena has had many interns hang their hat at Angle Media Group and believes strongly in giving them the chance to expand on their experience. Interns become part of the family and if Angle Media Group has work that meet’s a former intern’s skills they are often brought back on a contract basis post internship. Athena who runs the intern program at Angle wants to empower their interns to go out on their own to create, contribute and grow.

Josie Chung is an online business development intern from Centennial College and has helped to manage their online and offline marketing activities and communications. She said it has been a wonderful experience. Josie has taken part in events like Social Media Week while “learning the ropes of video and photography.”

Josie joins a great family of interns who have come through Angle Media over the last three years. Included in the roster is Wes Bos who got the entrepreneur itch to start his latest venture Deal Page, a deal aggregator for all the Groupon clones that have setup shop over the last year.

Angle Media’s Jordan Monaghan, the Director of Accounts, said that one of the most challenging things when pitching clients is to understand where their clients are at. Jordan says that “this occasional uncertainty makes it really hard to give specifics in a presentation or make a direct proposal.”

I asked Jordan in an email what was the one video they had done that received the most unexpected reaction? He said that “a fun, short and simple one minute video they did for themselves got a great reaction from the community. It was a reminder to clients that when your audience is watching online with six other windows open, it’s often best to keep it short and direct.” You can see this video from their YouTube channel below:

Jordan said that according to comScore online video views from September 2010 to March 2011 grew 37% and that Canadians watch more online video than their American counterparts. Jordan says that online video for marketing and communications is “less of an option than an expectation”.

Angle Media Group continues to help their clients with video needs, be it for messaging, training and/or everything in-between. Athena, Jordan and company have built a great organization on the spirit of entrepreneurship that continues to advance and help clients to create powerful video that can get the attention of the audience.

It took a bit of time to get this up but we want to thank Athena for talking with us, Jordan for his great perspective and Angle Media Group for continuing to do what they do. Remember to check out their video blog called Experts Angle to learn how entrepreneurs are getting things done in the industries they love here.

There most recent video blog post up today has the Director of Marketing for Energent Incorporated, Craig Haney talk about energy solutions for an increasingly energy hungry world. He is just one expert out of many they have interviewed about what they do and how their companies are changing things for the better.

To get in touch with Angle Media Group for your video needs and internship opportunities get in touch with Athena at or call 416 818 4418.