Finding the Space to Write (Cause you only get better by doing)

I wrote a quick post that will go up on my blog (that nobody reads) tomorrow, have more copy to go over, and trying to find more time to write about the ad game. I know that I am talking to myself but I think it is something I need to do. I recently felt like I had lost something and it killed my confidence but I feel that I can do better both personally and professionally It has been a challenge to find my footing but I am getting there.

I am at the point where I know that I have options and am not limited by what I did (or who I wrote for) yesterday but if I can show people what I am doing now, and what I will be doing tomorrow that I can do it. Has it been easy will there be more bumps, hell yeah but I will enjoy every moment of this roller coaster.

Now what do you think about that. 🙂