See the Unwitting Star of Pudding Face React :)

Man, Ian who did you piss off (kidding) at CP+B for them to make you their Pudding Face. Check out the billboard in action here:

It went up just blocks away from Ian Hart’s new digs at BBH New York. Ian was a copywriter at CP+B and before he left he begrudgingly took part in the Pudding Face photo shoot and this was the result.

Ian Hart

You can see the site live at
As you can guess Ian was not amused but his compadres certainly were.  I love the reaction he gives as he watches his face go up across the street. I wonder if he has gotten ID’ed by people in the area because of the sign. Here is his full reaction in video form via a video that was posted to the AgencySpy YouTube channel below.

So not only is he in ads, his face pretty much is the face of the campaign. I guess revenge is best served cold and with JELLO Pudding. It is so bad but soooo good.

Credit: AgencySpy