The Big Record Breaking “Gulp”

 Say cheers to “Gulp” by Sumo Science and Aardman Animations, after creating the world’s smallest stop-motion animation they decided to go big and break the word record for the “largest stop-motion animation” one.

The set itself stretched over 11,000 square feet at the Pendine Beach in South Wales. The entire stop-motion animation was filmed with 3 Nokia N8s and their Carl Zeiss optics suspended dozens of feet in the air by crane.

Here is the short film in full:

Gulp. The world’s largest stop-motion animation shot on a Nokia N8. from Nokia HD on Vimeo.

The short film is a story about a fisherman (who is actually a real live human puppet) who was just going bout his daily business trying to catch some fishies and ends up being bait and then swallowed by a large one himself. Then he finds himself in its stomach and sets off a chain reaction with a (mine and a big) BOOM that leads the fish to become fish sticks and the fisherman to be freed from being lunch himself.

The agency behind the short film is Wieden + Kennedy for their client Nokia. Just a few days ago Nokia announced that due to the changes in their business they would be moving away from the AOR model of operating.

The rise of Apple and Android has come in large part at the cost of Nokia RIM and is due to the increasing prevalence of smartphone technology. W+K has been Nokia’s AOR since 2007. Most of their marketing efforts have focused on other markets which may have of helped give ground to Apple and Android as the smartphones of choice for the regular consumer.

One of their most recent initiatives state side was Astound that they hope will help stem the tide and be the first step in reversing it. So the future is uncertain as Nokia faces its own turmoil in this period of change.

The shift in focus recognizes the impact that Apple and Google’s Android continue to have on the entire industry. Can Nokia stem the tide or will they be washed away? There is no way to know at this point but it looks like they are finally getting in the ring hardcore.

Check out the making of below:

Gulp. The making of. from Nokia HD on Vimeo.

Credit: Advertising Age