Advertising Week – CP+B goes 6 for 6 :P

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Without question 6 for 6 by CP+B presented by MDC Partners was one of the most popular sessions of the final full day of Advertising Week, Thursday, October 6th. 6 trailblazers were given just 6 minutes to present based on a simple brief …. What are they thinking and doing right now?

The house was packed and talent was exceptional (I even got a picture with Rob after it was all said and done YAY), the wit was strong, it was a bit light on sarcasm for my taste but was full of some of CP+B’s greatest ad hits from recent years. Let’s get started:

Chuck Porter the founder of CP+B apologized in advance for using the same deck had presented at Cannes earlier this year and offered anyone for whom this was the second time a refund. He said there were probably 9 that had seen this before. CP+B’s offices have open spaces for the exchange of ideas taken from an ancient Greek concept known as agora. Instead of having departments that work together close by, they have them far apart so these spaces become the funnel that everyone must walk through every day.

He compared the Best Buy Buy Back program TV spots, one from a slice of life and the the spectacle of the Super Bowl. He really had a thing for Ancient Greece and as they interacted (conquered) more cultures they started the beginnings of a global culture that has continued to the modern age that many agencies are constantly in search of to appeal to one and all.

Campaigns mentioned: Best Buy – Buy Back Program

All you need to do to sum up Tiffany Rolfe’s 6 minutes is say one simple word, scrappy. She has been around the world and back in another life as a traveller and came on board to help CP+B go global. It isn’t about an office, it is about a state of mind, and those universal truths that have no boundaries to tell brand stories across the globe.

(Correction – I missed the change in presenters from Suzanne Powers to Tiffany Rolfe and was going off the original schedule, thanks to the bubblegooseforever who caught it for me, I owe you one.)

As the CP+B newbie she said being scrappy isn’t about size but is a state of mind. Smaller budgets and faster timelines and competition from anywhere means that scrappy is the name of the day, so never stop working at it. What they did for Brammo Motorcycles with Shocking Barack and Carrot vending machines was all about being scrappy and although that was for smaller clients larger companies are able to be scrappy like when Kraft hired the golden voiced Ted Williams to be the voice of KD.

Campaigns mentioned: Carrots Vending Machines

Brammo Shocking Barack

Jeff Benjamin came in with geek cred on full show talking about what it be inventive. If you’re not inventing today then you are not gonna be around. It isn’t a nice to have it is about surviving when everyone in the business is trying to eat your lunch. Jeff said prototype early and often so go out and make stuff, tinker. The tinkers are curious about how things work and are not afraid to break stuff. Probably because that means they get the chance to put it back together MacGyvor style. Jeff said be delusionally positive and focus on what works not what doesn’t and never stop.

Jeff did go over his time limit by a few minutes so it was really 5 for 6 and 1 Geek but probably doesn’t have the same flow as 6 for 6.

Campaigns mentioned: Crunch Bard for Pringles by CP+B Sweden

Pudding Face – Jell-O

Rob Reilly is the Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of CP+B but what he was thinking about was poachers. They stalk cute and cuddly creatives and such in the hopes of nagging them for another agency team. While Rob has needed a tissue or two when one of their own gets poached he remembers what has made them successful great mentoring and promoting from within. Bring people from the outside often doesn’t work because they have not been steeped in the culture.

Rob has found talent in some of the most unlikely places. They gave also learned to take chances on their own staff and have put them into positions that put them outside their comfort zone and 9 times out of 10 they have done an amazing job. So for all those agency folks in the audience he said be open to talent coming from anywhere, empower your people and mentor the hell out of everyone.

Campaigns mentioned: BK chicken changer

Scott Prindle took his 6 minutes to go into the role of a creative technologist, a position that is becoming ever more vital in the dynamic digital space. He quotes Ray Kurzweil who says that in 1965 “The computer in your cell phone today is 1m times cheaper, and 1k times more powerful and 100 times smaller than one computer in MIT in 1965. So what used to fit in a building now fits in your pocket and will fit inside a blood cell in 25 years.”

This is part of the growing complexity of our digital ecosystems and this means that it makes perfect sense to bring on coders into advertising. Creative technologists are the ones that experiment and make stuff. CP+B have around 80 coders and they show their creativity by enabling ways to say yes for ideas to work. Like Jeff says they prototype, hack the latest tech to make code dance to they beat.

Campaigns mentioned: Mystery Tip for American Express

All and all it was a chance to hear some of the thought leaders at CP+B talk about what they have done. It was pretty simple stuff, not trying to find a cure for cancer or a new widget. That is probably part of why you could see the power in the words, because it should be simple to take those lessons and adapt them to find any agency. Well that is what we hope for anyway.

Me Eric Floresca and Rob Reilly the Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at CP+B at Advertising Week 8