Countdown to Script or Bust (with a serving of dog food)

So after the Lean Startup Machine I was at a bar getting to know some of the other people who attended and I started talking to some people about choosing a path. Should I find a job, write a script or move into the startup game. I just started finding more freelance work and they said I should just dive in so I told these 2 guys Alex and Todd that I would write the script by May but if I failed I would have to eat a can of dog food.

So I have no choice but to get it going, if it was easy it would already be done but at least the direction is clear and I am up for anything at this point. Hopefully this will be a good journey that will not have tasted dog food. God I hope that will not be the case.

So here on my blog (which no one reads) I will say I will have a script ready by mid May or Alex and Todd will have a can of dog food ready for me to enjoy. It is about setting up that inevitability, Jason was telling us about a couple of stories where people had to do something or else and this is what got this started.

I hope they forget but I doubt it. Either way I put my fist down and this is a fight I am not gonna run from but to. I don’t need to write this script, I want to write it because I feel that I can tell it. The dog food is just the kick in the pants I need to get it started and stop procrastinating.

Time to get it started!