A World of Glass by Corning

A world made of glass? This is a video that goes into showing how ubiquitous glass display technology being researched by Corning could work in a variety of forms.  As I was watching this version with the narrator I wondered what happens when you drop one of those things. Sure it the glass will be able to take some punishment but it will still have a breaking point. Whenever I watch these videos I think of what OS will they be running.

It feels like this would be a world of one operating system that allows for the simplicity and unique use cases that stretch from one screen to another. Whereas today we have different versions of operating systems, computability issues as technology advances. I feel like I needed to see error messages on some of those screens when one device didn’t have the right hardware or software. Also who the hell would ever build a glass fence, like ever.

Do you want animals to slam into because they don’t know it is there and I don’t care how resistant glass is, that wall would have a hard time holding up against mother nature and the assault of the weather. Love this stuff but I want to the version we know will happen, you know the one with error messages, glitches and frustration. Love the concept but reality is another matter completely.