Mass Effect 3 Ending – Pick a Colour, Any Colour

In Mass Effect 3 you are given 3 options at the end of the game:

1. Control of the Reapers (blue)

2.  Synthesis between organic and synthetic (green)

3. Destroy all synthetic life (red)

Now throughout the Mass Effect trilogy of games the two paths you can take are as a renegade or a paragon. Basically one you are a bad ass willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, the other you play nice before getting your gun out and busting caps.

If you are up on your lore of the Mass Effect universe you will know that the Reapers have repeated their harvesting of organic life countless times, through many cycles. To me that means only one ending can be taken and that is destroy all synthetic life.

I know it also means that EDI and the Geth will be wiped out but as the player I couldn’t take the chance that 50,000 years from now the Reapers could come back and escape control. Synthesis has the opposite problem because it asks Shepard to make a choice for all organics to combine them with Synthetics. That is a choice that no one should have to make.

So I took the red laser because if the Reapers were responsible for the death of trillions upon trillions then I say they must die so they have no chance to come back. That was the only option that made sense and it meant the final act of Shepard was shooting something, and that felt right.

Here it is for those who want to take a look:

My real problem with the ending is that they pretty much close the book on the world they created in this form. After learning about the Mass Effect universe nothing can ever be the same and in that sense the future of a world players have spent years getting to know is now gone with no hope of seeing what happens next because there is no going back. I don’t have a problem with that per say because it closes the book on Shepard’s legendary story but to get no chance to explore the world they created and to see what happens after the war is over, and to have so little closure at the end saddens me a lot.