The End of @Timeflies Tuesday (for now)

So yesterday I went to the Timeflies Tuesday YouTube channel and watched their latest rap and I checked the link and was it went to a letter that said they were taking a break from their Tuesday raps. I think they need a break after going more than a year with creating a video every week while also touring and releasing their own music.

Don’t think they are just going to be taking in the sun, they will be hard at work on another original EP, they have a mix tape coming up soon. They will still give all of us Timefilies Tuesday followers a little something to wet the appetite and that is something I will look forward to seeing.

I was always so impressed with Cal’s freestyle skill, Rez is an amazing beat master, him and the metal drum was full of win. I’ve followed them since October of last year and can’t wait to see them blow up. They are representatives of the new model in music, going ground up and grass roots to get traction and that doesn’t just apply to music but more and more to any creative endeavour.

The Internet was the spark, the people the fuel and in the future mobile will be the air that spreads the power that the Internet has given all of us farther than ever. Good Day Timeflies and can’t wait to see the beats that come from both of you next. So I watched Cal actually sing “A Time of Your Life” I think it is time to step it up myself and not be afraid to fall but be afraid to miss a chance to matter, to make a difference. What Timeflies has done was an inspiration  let’s go.

One more time just as we enter the longest day, the hottest of days, and an unreal amount of eye candy.

Can’t wait for you to come back and take it to’em soon.