Startup Weekend Toronto Day 3: Just Before the Pitch (Written Quickly) @groupnotes #swtoronto

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For Groupnotes Matt has prepped for the pitch for the last few hours. He is caffeinated up and ready to go. Do you ever feel like you are working with a group when you are researching online? My answer is NO and that is a consequence of having the world’s data available at a touch of a mouse or swipe of the finger. Groupnotes will unify students research efforts to prevent repetition and  give focus.

While we were talking to students and educators we found that Groupnotes could help professors check how each student was involved, especially as new rules come into play that must take into account each contribution for group work. The energy at Startup Weekend Toronto is infectious and you enter the pitch nervous as F, feeling like you can climb a mountain, become King, and take over the world (but in the best way possible). I found. Matt will pitch 3rd, so let’s get it started.

All the teams are amazing, the talent is much, the ideas and execution are top-notch and that is what Toronto offers every day and why it is a great city to give a startup a try.

The team we have is made up of the fastest devs ever,