My Anthem of a New Start (Written while I’ve been in NYC)


I’ve walked the long road, the one that dips and turns, with barriers and locks

It’s not a single path but a maze I’ve been lost in fog as I try to find my own sense of self

I still don’t know who that Eric is, I can feel that guy but he’s been hidden away

Trapped by doubt and fear, That me is sheltered by possibilities feared will never come


I seek to find him, me by letting go of the dark by going with what I feel

After avoiding my heart for my head, letting my mind make the choice

When all it needs to do is understand, while the soul’s the one that owns the answer

I shall find the confidence to believe that the possibilities are still sky high not dug down


Let’s make that reality first in spirit, then in mind and through force of will

I believe that I am not that lone wolf, that I (we) have value and can have impact

To be a force for change, even if that’s just in our own lives to start, let’s open the door

Let’s bring about a better day for others even if its through the small things, they matter


So I’m outta here Toronto, I do not know if I shall return but love the city and her people

I’ve been beaten down by your grind, was made tired, frustrated but found strength in the dark

This is no white flag, this is a thirst to experience the world that makes up your soul

It’s about risk and leaving fear, hunger to live for that rare experience forged on the long trail


Hello world, we don’t know each other, Hell I don’t know myself but I can’t wait to

I hope you’ll help me find the spark, friends, lovers and mischief makers who live for the day

They’ll challenge me, and I will do the same, I shall have their backs and I hope they’ll have mine

Let’s break out of the bubble to feel the scale, beauty and the hurt that is the world we will change