Makerbot at Mesh is #socool

I was at Mesh last week and I got a chance to see a MakerBot, one of those 3D printers that’s making the rounds slowly but steadily becoming mainstream. Here are a few pictures of one up close. Seeing it work is pretty damn cool and knowing you can download objects and print them out is amazing. What a great prototyping tool and I wonder what form 3D printers will take a few years down the line. Will we move beyond plastics and polymers as the technology becomes more accessible to the rest of us.

You can go to thingiverse to find new stuff to print out. I guess that means you could model anything in a 3D modeling suite and create something that is printable. I look forward to printing out figures and putting them together in the future or at least if you have misplaced a piece of lego being able to print a new one out instead of make due without that one piece you need to finish your Lego masterpiece.