Its cool, to I just need a walk then get me out of here! (21 hours in transit)

You think travel is about the awesome sights, sounds and smells and you would be right but it is also defined by the waiting. I’ve already done hours of it in just 2 days. Getting on the plane via Chinese Southern Airlines was normal, there was a mostly Chinese crowd heading home from Vancouver.

I suggest whenever you order your airplane ticket, if you want to get your meal first go order one of the other non regular meal options. It will make sure you get served first when they start the food trolley down what is a amazingly narrow gap between seats.


The first 2 hours was fine, they served a meal as soon as we were level and all was good. then after eating the person in front hat to put his chair down all the way until I started to feel like a sardine stuck in a can. It wasn’t until hour 5 or 6 that I started getting antsy.

By hour 8 of 13 on this leg of the flight I was feeling like I was becoming one with the chair and when there has probably been countless folks in that chair, it isn’t something I was inclined to experience any longer than absolutely necessary.


I just started walking down to the back of Boeing’s 777. It is a great plane which had a lot of baggage space, that was much better at fitting things that the old style baggage compartments of yesteryear. Although it was still packed as tightly as humanly possible to the point where you could barely move in your seat.

The folks I chat for travel advice the facebook group Global Bloggers Network gave some great advice from taking a pill or two of a type to relax the body or ask for a specific seat to avoid being squished away. I didn’t do the latter because I didn’t know the seat till I got my ticket and I was just so exited just trying to make sure I was good to go.


The back of the plane was the best part of the plane because unlike most airlines I’m used to in the USA. They were putting out snacks and drinks out for you to have and most importantly there was room which I sorely craved like a cat does their ball of string. When they were on their rounds or got one of the rings I went in and started opening up the carts to see what was inside.

By literally the eleventh hour we are all good and ready to be on our ways. Most people were trying to sleep but we hadn’t seen darkness since we left. Since we were going west as we traveled we lost 8 hours or so and the sun was up the entire time.

china airport


I couldn’t sleep so I just stood and talked to people who were just as antsy as me.There was one guy who continuously walked to each window on the doors and opened them up, another guy was all cool on his tablet but didn’t say a word.

We got to Guangzhou, CN on time and the Airport was huge and hot, no air conditioning so it was muggy except for the centre areas which at least you could feel fans at points. You had to go to immigration even if you were just on a stopover.


I met Talon Hoke, who’s from Portland who had an awesome story to tell, he went into a coma a few years back had to face complications because of a mistake and took months to recover. He filed for bankruptcy and decided to live it up in South America before coming back stateside and going back to school.

He  had such a great outlook on things, not stressing too much, after facing death he wants to enjoy life and I could really relate to what he had to say. Crap I pour it out so easily LOL. He asks whats the worst that can happen and is open, I think I’m going to have to take a lot out of his playbook on my own journey, whatever it turns out to be.

I hope I get to meet more cool folks like him, it will help me to start building the story I seek to tell he had a book called “A Voyage for Madmen” about 9 men who have a race around the world and only one of then returns that I think could fit the world I’m starting to build.


The last leg of the flight was easy getting into Suvarnabhumi Airport at 12 am which is when the buses into the city stop. My hotel was close by but I waited around all night just talking to people and walking around trying not to fall asleep until the morning. It’s funny they have a Subway, Dunkin Donuts and a Starbucks there, yeah I know global village I just hope some of their stuff comes West too at some point.

Its funny how I didn’t sleep for 2 days yet when I finally connected to the Internet I was fully awake. I guess that’s one addiction I need to placate and at the same time learn to live without in some ways because it prevents me from actually living in the real world not just in the digital one.


The rest of the day I slept, had to pay to check-in early 300 BAHT and another 150 BAHT for the transfer from the airport then spent 20 on a drink which comes out to $12.58 American which is just under my budget envelope. So tomorrow I explore, get lost and hopefully meet up with fellow travelers and maybe find a new place to stay at so I can be closer to the action.