First Week, 1 Hotel, 2 Hostels and a cool Crew at #Khaosan



So I’ve been in Bangkok just over a week and for the first few days I really stated low key and that continues to be the case. I’m on my own and I just go wherever I feel like. I don’t have a plan and that is probably something that I should change cause I know with a plan I would get so much more in from seeing the bib Buddha, the Grand Palace and it just seems to go on and on.

I’ve met some incredible folks, a few other writers trying to spin a yarn, who are much farther ahead than I am. I am keeping my expenses itemized so that I know if I am staying true to my budget and so far that has been the case by a huge margin. For the most part I know what I’ve bought and and keeping it listed on a spreadsheet day to day.


It means I’m building a buffer zone in case something comes up that I want to do but didn’t originally account for. So after 4 days I headed to Khaosan road which is probably as much a tourist trap as you would find in Times Square where the hustlers and such come out of the woodwork for the tourist dollar.

I have to remember my reasons for being here are not just about the travel although that’s a huge part but to put pen to paper, experience this window into the world, and leave my lone wolf self behind. Bangkok for Australians is like Mexico to Americans, developed enough, safe enough for the most part but with that little bit of edge that can get the adrenaline pumping.


Today I walk, wander and take a different route. Its so easy to get lost. Yesterday I was walking towards the big Buddha because every tuk tuk was shepherding me there trying to take me there for 20 BHAT. I ended up walking for a few hours and ended up finding myself in a local market with not a tourist in sight.

It felt so different, it felt more casual than the constant bombardment you got on Khaosan. It is so oft putting not being able to communicate or understand their language or speech but in most cases a little bit of knowledge can go a long way.


Last night I can’t count how many people came up to me and tried to sell me a scorpion to eat. Funny thing is they were charging 150 BAHT for a small one which comes out to $5 but in Cambodia you can get like 10-20 for that same price, praise to the markup and the novelty of the scorpion.

Last night I went out my my roomine in out hostel who hails from Quebec. We joined Shazaan a guy I only know through couchsurfing and headed out on Khaosan road, drinking buckets of booze. He has only been in Bangkok 2 days and was already having the time of his life while it took me days to get to the same point.


We said goodbye to a pair of German girls who were putting a bookend to a 10 week escapade, another guy who was going to enter a Wat to commune with the monks and a Vietnamese girl who was going to a tour the next day. All of us are in transition, from one stop to another and who knows if we will ever cross paths again.

If there is one thing I’m quickly learning is that you are bound to cross path with some of them which shows you no matter how big the world, it can be made small in a second when you meet a person again. The one thing I have to do is commit to writing and learning how to use my camera. So here’s to my first week and whatever may come.