letting Go – Banishing the Shade

Its funny I just wrote a huge post that failed to upload it took me awhile to do and was damn long so I’m gonna keel its replacement short and sweet.

I’m letting go of my fear, doubt, hate, the comparisons people make and of worthlessness. These are my albatrosses, the thingd that prevent me from living instead of surviving. I will release them every day into the wind, any time they threaten to take be back to the prison of my own making.

Some people say I need to grow up when I need to revert to what it was like when I was 22. To take chances, to not be afriad of consequnces and take things as they come.

As I gave voice to the chains I felt free, I walked with a confidence that is as alien to me as a palm tree is to the snow.

I’m gonna go out and meet people, to find fast friends and be someone that they can count out as much as I seek the same. I’m out myself out there to discover intimacy that I long ago locked away in the prison in the shadow of my soul.

I shall take the pain and use it as a lense to reflect and magnify every inspired word, idea and hope that I seek to write. While I’m letting go im also going to take to heart belief that I have worth, live with confidnce, that I can and that my failures are lessons that will bridge the gap to success.

That’s who I choose to be and it sounds simple but I know better. I take on the challenge to be better tomorrow than I am today. To let my age be just a number and nothing more because I’m probably the youngest 30 something you will ever meet.

I will finallt go out and risk it all, date on the road, tred new ground, to smile and talk to anyone and everyone without fear of rejection.

I let go of rejection because it is a Phantom, it isn’t my reality. I will make my own reality, I cant control the world around me but I can control how I respond. I let go of indecisiveness, will take a stand, I want to stand for something. I reject comparisions bceause its our own journey and those that walk with us that matter. I will not fall into the trap that I have to do what someone else is doing.

This is what I choose to live by today, it will change and so shall I for the better, so let’s live like I feel to discover, expereince and to matter to someone out there.