Transition from OneDrive Windows 8.1 to 10 Screwed My Cloud


So in Windows 8.1 I loved the ability to save files to the cloud within the OneDrive folder and this is great for a table notebook like I have. Then I upgraded to Windows 10 and everything went mad. Basically I only have a 59 GB C drive and prior to upgrading I had copied over the contents to my E drive including the the smart files and remapped my OneDrive to the new location.

I thought that would be good enough to keep my files safe. After the installation of Windows finished (which took multiple attempts do complete) I found that my cloud storage was screwed up. I remapped the OneDrive folder again and found that no files would sync. Then OneDrive asked what folders to selectively sync and I chose some and all my other files were sent to the recycle bin.

I found that a ton of files had been deleted on the website I imagine these were the smart file placeholders but it was much more than that and I had to go in and try to recover everything since when a file was found in both my cloud and hard drive I was asked to drop the hard drive version instead of just syncing it.

I’ve had to go back multiple times to the OneDrive website to recover files that were deleted and I can’t search the files through the place holder smart files like in Windows 8.1. I can’t afford to sync my entire cloud to my notebook because I just don’t have the space for it.

I get that they want to unify their sync engine but they should have kept the smart files and just added an indicator to show if it was a local file or had to be retrieved online first. Now I have redownload gigs of data, have lost many files and can’t easily search my cloud from my computer without going through a network drive.

I hope they fix it but damn did it fuck my file structure and limit my options for keeping certain files in the cloud. I know I should have multiple cloud save points and I do for certain files but I can’t do it for all of them and it sucks that Microsoft wouldn’t use multiple sync engines until they had unified it under one. Instead they make all of us jump through hoops, finding workarounds to bring back the functionally they lost when they knew a lot of people hated it.

I know they want their system to scale well but I hope they bring the functionality back ASAP because it is a godsend on the modern hybrid devices that we are using now.