Teen Wolf – Lies of Omission Doesn’t Ring True


OK I admit it I’ve watched the MTV show Teen Wolf off and on and I was watching Season 5 Episode 9 titled “Lies of Omission” and there was a scene at the end with Stiles and Scott who are best friends that doesn’t ring true to their friendship. It takes place in the rain after Scott, the leader of their tribe or pack (in wolf speak) confronts his Stiles about his accidental killing of Donovan who had been turned into a chimera and went after Stiles as payback against his Dad for something that happened to Donovan’s father.

Theo a recent addition to the cast tells Scott his own version of what happened. During the scene the dialog dances around the truth. This was setup in earlier episodes with Stiles not telling Scott the truth earlier and of Scott’s proclamation that they shouldn’t kill. The damning part of this entire sequence from a writer’s perspective is that Scott assumes that Theo’s version of what happened (when he wasn’t actually there) is the truth.

During Scott’s confrontation with Stiles, he is never asked to explain what happened. Stiles also never offers his own account of what happened. Instead we get lines like Stiles saying “he was going to kill my dad” and “do you think I had a choice?”. The dialog dances around the what actually happened in a way that I don’t think rings true.

My immediate response is why didn’t Scott ask Stiles to explain what happened himself? Why didn’t Stiles say it was self-defense not that just killed the guy. Would anyone take the word of someone who is closer to a stranger than a friend over their friend themselves. That’s what happens in this scene and it damages Scott’s character because if you take what Scott is saying at his word you’d cannot at least think he is being in the wrong.

Stiles should also have told him what happened but because he is on the receiving end the blame falls on Scott as their pack’s leader. The way it comes across is as artificial conflict versus true conflict that comes naturally from the story. It feels like it is about setup for the next part of the season and not something makes sense given what these 2 characters have been through with each other and what they’ve done for each other.

At the beginning of the episode Scott is doing a voice over that reflects on people being distance and that he has to keep his inhaler on him acts as a symbol of his loss of confidence. I can see that happening but it still doesn’t make the scene with Scott and Stiles ring true without making Scott look stupid since we know that Theo the person that told him is doing it for his own ends.

Even without that knowledge the history Scott and Stiles share should account for more than what is given in the dialog, it feels like a dance where the writers are doing everything they can to manufacture the conflict between these two characters than what would actually happen.

The justification for each of these two characters actions has built for some time, with Stiles not telling Scott out of fear and with Scott saying more than once we should never kill. All it should take is for Scott to listen to Stile’s side of the story and that given their friendship and the source of Scott’s information to clear the air but that doesn’t happen and thus it makes the scene feel forced, it rings untrue and I see it as a setup more than something that would happen.

For Scott it damages his credibility as a character and as a watcher you have to find a way to justify his actions in the context of the story but they feel weak and unearned which makes the scene ring hollow. The problem is that their friendship or more like brotherhood has been strong for so long that it is hard to find something that would cause such a change in their relationship without it feeling forced.

That is a testament to the portal of their friendship and I don’t think that what the writers came up with as conflict between Scott and Stiles feels true in context of what they have been through. This entire arch feels like setup for the mid-season finale and for the second half . It may not last but that doesn’t the Scott comes out of it without looking like a fool and as the main character you should make the reasons feel true and that just doesn’t occur for me with how they approached this story line.