The art of the Limit and how not to Succumb


Limit -a point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass.

Some people see limitations as boundaries to break past, others see it as prison that they cannot escape. We all have limitations, some physical and the harder ones psychological. They inform us about what we can do and we should see them as challenges to surpass not walls that can’t be climbed.

Are we frozen by the limits we see within ourselves, often they are reinforced by our experiences. Joy is fleeting while pain echoes be it the physical pain or the that which we feel, we remember the bad more than the good because the sting is a shock that is meant to be remembered as a reminder of what not to do.

I don’t believe that you should see everything as possible, at least not in the traditional sense. I think understanding where we stand for good and bad is important and that goes for our limits as well. Going past our physical limits, our psychological limits are of our own creation, formed from what we’ve been told, what we’ve experienced and who we are.

I’ve always seen them as chains but they don’t have to be, they are challenges we can overcome within ourselves. That doesn’t mean we don’t need help or that success will come in a form we expect but that they are not chains but signs of what we can overcome.

Every time you want to give up and even when you do it doesn’t have to be forever, you can always attack the problem, the challenge in a different way, sometimes in a different form. I ran from a prison of my creation full of hate and doubt to find a way to find freedom, to find a sense of self that was and is not mired in limitations only to see that you can’t escape them by running.

You have to find a way to face the fear, the hate and the doubt. If you don’t they will continue to hound you in every whisper to yourself. So how do you confront your limits by countering them. It can be something as simple as focus. For me I’ve been coasting for a while, not progressing because I don’t think I can or that I shouldn’t bother when I can’t win anyway.

Unbound – not confined

I choose to believe that I am not confined to what anyone thinks or believes that I can achieve especially and most importantly myself. It is a choice we make often unconsciously. One thing about being trapped in the dark is you get used to it, which isn’t good. One of the benefits of having to wade yourself within the emptiness is that you are not encumbered by its presence.

You know the feeling so well that you are in some ways numb to its shock, I have to learn to use that, to realize that it doesn’t hurt the same way it would others. That you don’t have to live with it if you choose not to. So as I write this it is a sunny day in paradise, I have the freedom to do what I want like many people will never know.

So when night falls instead of thinking of the emptiness I will choose to believe that I “will be able to” not that I can at this very moment but that I “have the capacity to” make what I would have seen as impossible 2 years ago, that I would have never considered a possibility.

That in it of itself is a huge difference, that is a personal revelation that is a mirror to how different I am now than what I was. It doesn’t matter if what I aim for is a meter away or 10 km away all that matters is that I continue to walk step by step to that goal. One is to continue to craft the story and the other could be or would be to choose a date to face a fear and give it the focus and intensity it deserves so I can give myself the best chance.

No matter what else happens start with an intention in this case to win and go believing you can, faking it if you can’t actually believe and being stubborn enough not to listen to everyone who says you can’t. So don’t give into the lack of belief, every time you feel it come up with a reason that proves you have not succumbed to the doubt.

For me it would be just the fact that I’ve committed the time. Another would be the difference between where I am now from when I started, that I am more than half way there and if I can get this far why can’t I go all the way if I can focus and just take it day by day I can.


I am every scar, every experience, every pain

For be the one that will reach, will push, will believe

I am not defined by my past, I am informed by it

For each possibility see the challenge to achieve not the limits that you can’t surpass

Let go of the hate, the doubt, the pain

Embrace the joy, the possibility, the hope