Wandering again next stop Bali

2016-01-21 07.47.46

So I just finished a year and a half of muay thai at Charn Chai Muay Thai where I trained and eventually found the courage to try my hand at getting into the ring. I eventually got into the ring 4 times with my last fight being January 29th, 2016. I have fought every month since October and my heart of hearts wishes I could have stayed longer to push myself for that next win and to show that I could do it not for anyone but myself.

The fact is that I never thought of myself as a fighter and even now I can’t say that I am but I hope that to the trainers and the people at the gym I hope I could show that even if I wasn’t intellectually a fighter I could in that moment when the ram muay music starts have the heart of one.

If I was at any other gym I don’t know if I would have stayed that long, Pai was a combination of being affordable on a backpacker budget, the gym which felt by the time I left like family and the fact that when I had arrived there I was ready to stop for a while.

2016-02-04 11.26.11

Now I am back on the move just arriving in Bali and now in Kuta which is a little too touristic for my liking. I just got here and am just hoping my leg heals up but Bali is a huge island and there are so many places to visit or see. I can’t do everything I would want to I will really just pick one or two things to do before moving on.

I have to also get my New Zealand working holiday sorted but that will take a bit of time. I am not much of a swimmer so surfing may be a hard sell. Probably just going to think and write as I go. I am hopeful and melancholy now that I am back in travel mode for Pai was a special place for me but one where I am not saying goodbye just see you soon.

So Hi Bali you look like a blast, for the flash but also the intimate wonders hidden by the noise. So hopefully I can meet some new friends, maybe find a gym around here and enjoy the surf.