Visiting Tauranga – Looks like a great place in the Summer


Here I am sitting in a friend’s place writing while just at the start of living in New Zealand for the next few months to the next 2 years. I have been given the chance to travel across Asia and now get the chance to see what I can build in a brand new country.

I’ve stood at a cross-road for years and travel hasn’t changed that fact but put it into focus more than it has ever been. So after 3 years of wandering through Asia where do I stand.

We all wish for things we don’t have and I wish for the confidence to go after what I want, to make mistakes and know that I can overcome them. I want.. no I need to choose to own the moment and not just be swept away by another person’s wave.

I want to train, to continue my muay thai to focus and see how I far I can push myself not for anyone’s validation but because it forces me to confront my fears and break their hold on my psyche.

I learned to leave it all behind, all my worry and just focus on my kicks, my speed and power. I haven’t been as focused on training since I left Thailand because I’ve traveled and what to get back into it.


Tauranga seems like a great place during the summer, its a port town so cruise ships go through there. Then there is

My friend lives around here and I liked running the area and doing muay thai at The Martial Arts Academy. So it was good to get away from Auckland and see what it is like outside Auckland and I really liked it. It was more chill and relaxed and I will be back to visit my boy and do some muay thai.