Crafting Character Moments to Find the Story


So it’s a month into 2017 and everyone who had a resolution either is on the journey or left it behind as happens with a lot of us. I’ve been hitting the story wall for ages, fearful of really getting down to work and getting the story started.

I have a basic plan in place to write character moments, so I don’t need to define the character but write a moment that matters. Maybe it doesn’t have to be rock shattering but to that person it means something. I think once I write those characters, they will exist, they have to and I want make sure that I can really make the world feel alive.

I’ve worked so hard and long on the rules and the science but very little time on the soul or the heart of it. That’s where I stand now to make it feel not like something with rules but instead that has ebb and flow and dynamics that make sense and some that don’t until you go deeper down the rabbit hole.

Writing is scary when you are God, you put so much of yourself and those you know into the work whether you know it or not. It means so much you can’t be objective. Sometimes you have to give yourself distance so you can see what was written instead of what you thought you wrote which can sound so different when spoken than when read.

I started with the world but I should have started with the story. I guess it comes out of my time as a gamer but the story is what defines the world and that is my next trick to perform. I am not writing the story that will necessarily be what I publish but one that gives the world life and makes it feel like you want to turn the page. Thanks the next step.