Each of our Stories Deserves a Voice


As the sun rises in Wellington I begin to think about the next chapter in my own story.

Our lives are defined by stories, the ones told by colleages, on playgrounds, in the media in all its forms with the most important story being the one we live every day. There is an art to narrative that I am just starting to learn, that there is no magic formula but there are benchmarks to the stories we shape, share and create for others and ourselves. The thing is we all should know is that stories hide the boring parts of our lives for those moments where our lives may change or where we can change the lives of others. It’s what we expect, stories are entertainment, lessons to be taught, hopes to be dreamed and possibilities to strived towards.

Telling a story is powerful, mystifying that makes us wonder what will happen next. With a movie you get to see the story come to life but in a book you get to imagine what that world will look like, what that character is like. In that respect stories in the written word are guided by the author, they set down the lines but it is up to the reader to fill that world with colour from the lens of their own expereince.

That is why I love stories that make the worlds they describe in fascinating details feel like they could be real. Like you could reach into the page or screen and want to live there, feel the wind, the smells and experience what it would be life to be outside our normal everyday.

Stories are an escape to the fantastic, a imaginary diorama of our own mind that we want to peer into but in the best of stories wish to be apart of. Stories help us express the human condition, they stripe reality of the every day and allow us to focus on the journey we want to take but may never get to ourselves.

It allows us to feel like even if only for a moment that we can have those adventures ourselves. That’s the danger with stories, they show the journey but blurs the lens just enough to keep reality at bay. That’s the power of a narrative when you can suspend your disbelief and journey with the author to that fantastic cliff to see the epic tower that is your destination or can see the realization of a life long goal.

I want to write stories but I often feel like every story has been told but that’s a lie because while the themes and types of story may not stray far from the tree there are still so many stories that need to be told those that take place in the hear and now and those that exist online in the minds of the writers that seek to give their world’s a voice.

Don’t be afraid to fall or to fail, understand that it is only by doing so that you can improve. Don’t hide the story embody it, take the part of the character you want and make it your on. You don’t have to do it in epic ways but in the small ones. So I will be the curious one, I will fight every day to find the story and never give up on it.

I don’t care if a million people read it or one, I have to write it because I feel it and nothing can change that. It is why I am here, it is who I am and that is why I seek to write, this day and every day to come, so give your story a voice so that others can hear it among the noise, it matters to those that love you and to those that can relative and be inspired by your journey as they seek there’s.