A future sought


I used to think that I needed to be like everyone else. A decade ago I was hunting for work and wasn’t able to have anything stick. That was my fault, I was so focused on the normal I didn’t realize that I had other options.

I always focused on where everyone else was with respect to career, family and success but in the last 10 years I have never lived a normal life and it is time to stop fighting that and embrace the odd, the unusual, the possibilities.  I never believed I could, I felt I was obligated to be like everyone else but F that, I am not and will not conform to what people think I should do because all that matters is what I know I want to do.

What I feel drives my being, makes my heart beat and challenges the very fabric of who I am. That is all that matters today.  So my success may look like failure to many, it may look awesome to others but it will be a roller coaster to all and that’s always what life is.

To appreciate the highs you have to experience the lows, to rise higher sometimes you have to go to the depths of your personal hell.  I’ve been there in the blackness and I will always carry it’s scars but the lessons I learned have made me better and now it is time to get to drive to the centre of the storm and make it conform to my force of will!