11 Years, the other side of the world, from Writing to Fighting

I left hope when I was 25 years, I moved to Toronto, found a job and just as quickly it was gone. Then I went back to school and just as I finished the economy imploded around the advertising industry and some of us survived and were able to thrive and others like me ended up on the sacrificial edifice with our necks ready to have the blood let to the marketing and advertising Gods.

I tried for years to break free of the bubbles but my self-confidence took a fatal blow that I never recovered from. By 2010 I had given up, I got a few jobs here and there but they never held. In 2010 I ended up at home watching a travel show on OLD called Departures which would carry with it an inspiration to wanderlust.

For a time I began to write, maybe that was my future, I tried to get involved in the startup scene, I was well deep into social media and that entire culture and it was a lot fun but there was no path for me there, I wasn’t a technical person, I was a storyteller and most people didn’t care and still don’t so In the 2 years I wandered from writing gig to writing gig doing FITC events, covering their keynotes and sessions, did freelance and free work for a few websites here and then and was putting myself in too many places to stay busy.

I hated my life, I was ashamed and was hating Toronto, the advertising and marketing scene and everything it had come to represent. It was poison, and I decided if I couldn’t find work I might as well do what I wanted to do travel the world and now I’ve been traveling almost as long as I was in Toronto for and I have no regrets.

I know a lot of the people I know who have become successful in advertising be it at agencies, on the company side and there are days I wish I was in their stead. Then I hit myself over the year and look where I have been over the last 5 years, have crosses 10s of thousands of kilometres, gone through more than a dozen countries, lived in more than a few of them, dived the oceans, training and fought in Thailand, got into the best shape of my life and met the most amazing people.

I’ve probably had more vacation time if you want to call it that, than more people will ever have in their lives. I can go anywhere, do anything and push the limits any number of ways. I can take a punch or a kick and give them back in return. I don’t have a lot of money but I will take my time over work over some arbitrary need to have a job.

I learned I don’t need things, I crave experiences, I see every scar on my knuckles, every bump on my shin as my wounds in pursuit of a better fight. I see it all as magic, I own my time, no one else owns it for me and no one will ever convince be I would be better of in a 9 to 5 where you are dying instead of being in Pai, Maehongson, Thailand where I have spent so much of the last few years.

I had a job in New Zealand and realized I never want to have to be under someone’s thumb again. I want to make my own way though my own words, that’s it that has to be my way forward for better or worse and it starts by not being scared and taking grand swings and seeing how good I can become.

So I got a new hosting service, a new chance to move forward and write, to see the stories I can tell and wonder about my evolution as a writer. It’s the ultimate mission outside of my fighting and I am excited to see where it takes me. See on the writer’s road, if you choose to see what happens, the amount of pivots, bad stories, average ones and maybe that one amazing one among all the rest.