This is my Day 1 – Let’s Write Anything


The view of Gunug Agung from Senggigi Beach on the Island of Lombok just East of its famed brother Bali.

I need to test out my grasp of narrative structure and just get into the rhythm of writing every day and yesterday I failed. Now there is no way I’ll be able to do it consistently for awhile but it isn’t about doing it at the same time every day its about making writing a habit so that it gets ingrained in your DNA.

Here is the thing about a beginning it is the chance to start new, to not forget what has happened before but to build on it. Sometimes it needs to be focused but other times we need to listen in order to be open to the opportunities that surround us each day.

I often forget how lucky I am be able to do what I am doing, that it is through help, choice and sacrifice that I am here and to honour that I need to make sure it leads to me telling, a story, any story, my story maybe but in name but in feeling and in what is evokes.

So in this first exploration I am going to take a prompt from reddit and write that.

So I don’t know exactly what to write or now but I do know I need to write it, to feel and understand who I am means I have to take a scenario and apply creativity and structure to it.

I’ve heard that a matra helps when you need to find the centre of the storm but I think it’s less about finding the centre and more about creating the centre, forging the eye of the hurricane instead of just facing the wind.

I am coming back to this post after not having written anything, it is sad that that is where I am but then it isn’t then its OK because I am OK with where I am and what I know. It is time to move on, to recover and renew my commitment to the words I write. So let’s keep it going but level it up.

Let’s believe that I can, that it matters.