A Nomad but not the Digital Kind

2018-10-08 08.25.55

The White Buddha in the distance of my morning run in Pai, Maehongson, Thailand.

When you travel a lot you hear about people who have been doing it for years. Some of go toAustralia or New Zealand on working holiday visas and others work under the table in some places or volunteer but every one of us has got the travel bug.

Then there are those who find ways to make money online or get jobs teaching English if they are from a English speaking country and have a degree. The Internet has made living and working remotely more readily available than ever before. I’ve met a few people who have taken the skills they learned on the road and started their own businesses.

There are websites where you can freelance gigs doing anything and everything, if you are a developer then all you need in your notebook computer and a good Internet connection and you don’t need to have a place. The options are astounding from affiliate marketing online, to drop shipping, blogging, graphic design and it goes on and it just keeps on going.

Most people who travel a long time are burning through our savings or have set time limits for our travels due to commitments back home. I am a nomad but just the normal kind, I am not a dveloper, I don’t have the kind of skills that would allow me to work remotely at this stage.

I have done the working holiday visa thing in New Zealand along with being cost efficient aka cheap as fuck, plus a little support now and then to keep it going. It isn’t an easy thing because most people come to Southeast Asia from most places in the west and spend because of how relatively cheap it is to where they are from.

You don’t have to be working online to sustain your travel is you are smart. One thing you can do is just keep track of your spending and set now much you want to spend and live by that. That becomes your bible, what you follow.

I set strict monetary limits which means I can’t do all the tours or go to the bars or stay in hotels like many people do. Instead of traveling to so many places I’ve ended up basing myself out of a few regions and go back and forth.

One thing I’ve done is focus on one thing, for me that’s muay thai, I’ve been luck enough to learn it and fight over the last couple of years. It’s meant I’ve stayed in one place for the most part which has lowered my costs significantly even though training ain’t cheap. Just focusing on one thing means I stay in one place which keeps my costs low and balances out the price I’ve paid to train. I know the area I have lived the most well enough that I know the costs and that is what has allowed me to keep the dream alive, to be a nomad without having to work online.

I’ve looked into it plenty of times but since I lack a lot of the skills these jobs require or don’t want to go about starting from scratch I’ve just kept it going by going the other end of the spectrum. It isn’t always easy, a lot of times I wish I could do all the fun stuff but it has kept me satiating my wanderlust for years and now it is time to travel that digital nomad thing but not through the jobs I’ve seen so many other people but by writing stories of my own creation.

It’s the only way I can do it, what I want to do and even if it doesn’t work out the way I expect I think it will be worth it if I make nothing out of it or I make a lot, the most important thing is to give it everything.