There’s a story you are meant to tell

It’s time to be a f%*ken baller and tell it already.

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Just a photo of a festival in Pai, Thailand celebrating the end rainy season and Buddhist lent.

Why did you create your universe?

It’s gonna sound insane but its because it meant I got to be God. In December 2013 I was having a hard time, I was traveling at the time and in Bangalore, India and I was stuck in a room with very little money, I was on my own surrounded in a completely strange place not having anything. So I decided to escape my self perceived world and create one I wanted to explore.

What is the goal?

To take a concept, just idea that don’t exist and make it feel real. To find a story within a complex world where everything is possible.

Again what is the goal?

OK OK, I seek to tell an epic story, one that people want to explore, to create a unique and memorable world that is something that people see more than words on a page but they can imagine and see in their own minds.

You have to cast aside your self held belief and be open to the possibilities. I need to be inspired by the adventures I’ve had because how many people have the time or capability to travel the world for the last 5 years. It is a gift and without it you wouldn’t have crafted this awesome sci-fi world you have made. Take that as the beginning of your story and realize you can go anywhere with it cause in this world YOU ARE GOD and that is AWESOME.

What do you want reflected in this world?

There is a romance when I think about what the ocean must have felt like before we knew of it’s limits. It probably most closely resembles what space is to us now and to go from rafts and small boats to the ships of the modern day to centuries. When we look to how long it has taken us just to get to this point as we step on the verge of a new age of space travel beyond LEO (Low Earth Orbit) we are moving as close to light speed as possible and we are just getting faster. I want that awe of the what lay beyond the next horizon to be what my world represents even if it is just a “what if” I want it to feel as if it could be real, that the world isn’t just another world but that it feels lived in, reflects humanity and our struggles in a way that reflects back into what we face today.

Name yourself one story?

Well this isn’t a story, this is a scene that I always end up starting with. usually someone looking up at the night sky after trekking to a point outside their normal world to take a good look at the sky and see the lights from space stations and ships going to and from. To this person they are not lights but an escape from a world that is broken. This isn’t a story but it’s a common theme I’ve probably written more than half a dozen times since I first looked at the blank page and began creating a world.

How much do you have and when is enough enough?

I have gone as far as I could in creating the foundation of the world. I know the rules (I better since I created them) and I want to continue to build on it but to do that I have to start living in this world through the characters I create and see what happens. So that’s the goal now, that is the mission to take this set of rules, places, science and infinite possibilities and whisper it into the breeze and see if it will whisper back. Its why I will try my hand at National Novel Writing Month aka #nanowimo even if no one will never see what I write because I have to. I have waited long enough, there is no better moment than this moment to start telling this story and breathing life into this world so that it feels alive, rich and endless.

Now state a story, not just a scene but do a synopsis and go to town on it?

Now this is the real trick I have to do in order to have something writable for #nanowimo #LOL. I will use this as a place for ideas over the next two or three days and then see if I can use one a starting point for a story to tell, any story. It doesn’t matter what it is, who the characters or even if anyone sees it, all that matters is that I write it and begin to not only say I am writer but live as one.