Be the fanatic of your own life

There are those moments when you realize that’s it’s time to shed the you you hate to become the one you can love. The lack of belief is an epidemic, do we settle or do we reach as high as we can.

When you are still innocent you are taught to reach high, that dreams can become your reality then as we get older reality head kicks us and pummels us by saying the opposite. We are expected to conform to the world when it’s how we see the world that truly determines the reality in which we inhabit.

I was listening to a book on how to be your best self, how to rise out of our self imposed mediocrity. I know I’m not allow in being stuck in the self perpetuating cycle of doubt and fear.

So you I break the cycle you have to change your fundamental beliefs about yourself, what you are capable of and how you see the world but that means going beyond the conscious mind and to the one that holds the keys to your kingdom, your unconscious self which picked up its beliefs when you were a child before you could filter what you were seeing.

That is the circuit board that controls how we react to the world around us. Some ways to break free are simple, affirming who you are and over time actually learning to believe it. This is about faith, about knowing that the dream you have is already yours. That is is manifested in your life even before there is proof. If you had proof you wouldn’t need faith but you need faith like the religious zealots of old in order to get you through all the shit that life with throw at you to keep you comfortable.

You don’t learn nearly as much when you are comfortable and have no worries. To really be the zealot of your own dreams you have to realize that what you want is already out there and you just had to find your path to it.

That requires you to keep the face, to make the decision that there is no other path but that. While your family may tell you that it’s risky, that you should focus on a stability I think many of us should become unrelenting in pursuit of our goals, to have a backup means that you have an escape route, which means when it gets hard you will probably press the eject button.

You can never be certain but if you have true faith that your dream is already real, that you have the mindset to get through all the doubts and fears and still keep the faith then you will be able to rise to the challenge, pivot when necessary, learn what it will take and become the better version of yourself.

We have all done it before and we can each do it again. Live an awesome life so that you are in the mindset to be the fire that will lead to new growth and open yourself to new possibilities in forms you never expected but will help you find your way.

That is the mission in this life, to reach for your best self to better the world in some way maybe through an innovative idea, a business or just making people smile all have impact and it is up to us to be the fanatic of our own lives to know that what we seek is already ours even if the path isn’t always clear.