A Bad Tourist, economic aka cheap traveler

2018-11-21 19.50.56

I’ve come to realize that I am a really bad tourist because I try not to spend a lot and stretch my dollar to it’s absolute limit. I don’t do tours or stay in super nice places and don’t buy much of anything if it isn’t transporation, food or a roof over my head.

I have done some cool stuff be it rock climbing, diving, trekking but they are rare and 5 and a half years in because this is a lifestyle not a vacation I don’t go to places with a mission of what to do or see because I have been limited by a mindset of lack not one of abundance and that has to change for me to evolve.

Since I don’t have a way to make money (at the moment) I always try to stretch my dollar, which means I don’t rent a scooter, drink or even eat well. I just go through the grind of my day to day, usually online in a room versus seeing the wonders of where I am.

The majority of the time I only go where my feet will take me and that is more true now than ever before. It sucks being that way and that doesn’t mean I don’t do anything but it makes my world both grand and tiny. My world is defined by where I can walk than what I can do.

I have to find a better mix than that, to choose the things that are important that I have to experience rather than just worry about how much it will cost me. I am always trying to find a cheap way to do things, I don’t go to the cheapest places to stay all the time but I usually don’t do the touristy things even if it isn’t expensive.

It’s like if you live in a place you don’t do the really touristy things, like when I was living in Toronto I never went to the CN tower because I lived there. So I gotta find more balance in my writing, in my travel and do more cool shit.

Maybe I need to just get out there more and change my belief so that I can feel like I am living in a world of abundance instead of a world of lack. Money will come and go but this time, right now is fleeting, is here then is gone forever and I don’t want to waste it.

So it is time to live, to explore, that doesn’t mean being reckless but it does mean not being afraid to spend the money to experience the awesome world. I’ve seen so much but yet it is still so little, it is time to do it my way but in style and through the struggle live that awesome life.