Getting your Yellow Fever Vaccination in Mumbai

I was in India for 2 months and was looking at the price of medication and found that insulin was dirt cheap in comparison to what I had paid for it in Canada. I was wondering how much it would cost to get a yellow fever vaccination because it was one of the most expensive vaccines I could get back home and usually required me to get a consultation first. When I was living in Toronto it could $160 to $180 Canadian for the vaccine.

It cost 300 Rupees in India, so when I was in Mumbai I thought I might as well get it because it would open up Africa and South America to me as a traveller within a month of getting the vaccine. Now the vaccine is in short supply and for the vaccine that the Indian government has, that costs 300 rupees you must have a plane ticket ans your passport to get it.

I went to the Family Welfare Training & Research Centre  at 332, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rd, Khetwadi, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004 which is one of three official Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres in Mumbai. There is one near the airport and one at the Navy ports.

Due to the shortage of the yellow fever vaccine you may need a plane ticket in order to get it. At the Girgaon Family Welfare Centre they were open for the vaccination only on Wednesday and Friday from 2 to 4pm. Realistically you should arrive early so you can be early in the que. You have to have your passport, fill out a form and have your proof of your airline ticket so you can ensure you can get the vaccine.

The vaccine itself is easy to get and costs just 300 rupees compared to what I would pay in Canada which required a consultation plus the cost of the vaccine which was $160 CAD last time I checked.

That is the reason I decided to get it while I was in India because it was so cheap in comparision. From what I have read you need to get it at least 6 days before you go to a yellow fever zone, it takes a week for it to be 80% effective and 30 days for it to become 99% effective.

It was a simple process but amazes how easy it was compared to what it would have taken me to get the western version of this vaccine. I am glad I have the vaccine certificate because it opens up parts of Africa and Central and South America that were not an option before.

As a long-term traveler it was something I never really thought about until I knew I knew I was getting out of Southeast Asia. It was worth the 3 extra days in Mumbai it took and trying mutliple times and places to go and get.

I have heard that it is easy to get at the location near the Mumbai Airport but there as well you need a ticket. At the location in Colaba which caters to Navy personnel specifically but you can get it any day unlike where I received the vaccine which was only open Wednesday and Friday. I think that because of these limitations this location wasn’t as busy as Souther Yellow Vaccination Centre.

I’m glad I have it now, I hope that this could help others who may don’t have this s